Memories of Old Mansion – Day 1: Something I Couldn’t Forget

“Hey! Have you finished yet?!”

“Alright, alright! Just a minute!”

I’m packing my last clothes and rushing into Treil’s car. If only Treil didn’t sound her car, or Aryl didn’t shout my FULL name harshly in front of my house an hour ago, maybe I haven’t got up from my bed now.

“What did take you so long?! Have you forgotten?” Tabitha stretches my cheeks while my eyes still half opened. I couldn’t really understand any of her words though.

“Sorry. Just finished new game last night. If you allow me, let me sleep here, in your car, now, Treil? Hehehe…” I begged to Treil, which sit on driver seat and keep her eyes focused on the read.

“No.” she said firmly.

“Ugh. Then where will we go now?” I ask.

“Thanks to you, Razu and his car have been waiting for 30 minutes near the Eastern bridge.” Lynette said. “Treil, Lets proceed right away.” and thus Treil risen the speed up to 100 kilo per hour.

Today plan is: Go into vacation with friends. Yes, me and my other 6 friends are taking a seven days vacation to one of my friend’s mansion. My these 6 friends are: Treil, Tabitha, Treil, Lynette, Razu, and Alden. And the one who own the mansion is Alden. First time he told us about owning a mansion, I started to wonder how rich can people be? Since maybe this is our last moment could be together, we decided to take a long unforgettable vacation together. Why last moment? Actually today is only one day from many days of our longest holiday in the last 12 years. Know why? Because we had just graduated the senior high school, and in progress of university entrance. It’s still about a month left before we gradually gonna be separated due to college. Me, Tabitha, Aryl, and Lynette fortunately enrolled into the same Institute, which specified in agricultural scope. Treil enrolled a med university, Razu enroll an IT university, and Alden said he gonna focus on his entrepreneurship. Alden owns some stand alone agency at cuisine and printing scope. To think about it, Alden really is gifted compared to us. Oh my, even I tried, I still couldn’t. I COULDN’T KEEP MY EYES OPEN! I’m sleepy… maybe just for a second… I’m gonna rest my eyes…… Just…….. a second………………


I hear a vague voice, calling my name. But somehow, this voice is really rotten. This voice is… this voice is……
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